David Helsham brings a seasoned designer’s eye to photography,
having operated a successful graphic design agency in The Rocks,
Sydney for more than 20 years catering to the needs of blue-chip
corporate clients. He has a lifelong interest in fine arts and in
the late 1990’s he embraced photography with a passion matched
only by an obsession with ocean swimming.

It is his powers of observation, combined with an artist’s knack for composition, that distinguishes
his photography in this digital age.

His talents have reached a wide audience through published work for corporate clients, art calenders,
through successful forays into the competition scene (Finalist, 2007 National Portraiture Prize; category
winner, National Trust/ Daily Telegraph photographic competition) and through his iconic status in the
Ocean Swimming community where he is simply known as ‘The Glistener’. Under this moniker he has
developed a reputation for capturing dramatic and insightful images of Australian beach life

He is a man of few words, a keen eye and a master of the lens.
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